This reinvented sustainable packaging design pays homage to the rice farmers

Rice is a sacred global grain – it is a part of almost every cuisine and can be found anywhere you go. Rice is what home would feel like on a plate and that is what Backbone Branding conveyed with their reimagined packaging design. The goal was to evoke an emotional response for the rice farmers while also being functional as a product that is to be sold in health stores.

The new design was minimal, familiar and reminded us of the humans behind harvesting rice. With these elements at the core, the new packaging used minimal black graphic lines to show the different emotions one feels during the process – the faces radiate confidence, pride, satisfaction, empathy, and even tiredness. This spectrum of feelings is something we all can relate to and bridges the gap between the consumer and the farmer, it births a moment of respect when you see the rice bag and recognize the person responsible for it.

Moving from form to function, the bags were designed for two types of rice – small bag for small grain and a tall bag for long grain. The material used in the packaging was 100% sustainable, the rice would be contained in a high-density sackcloth fabric covered with a carton lid in the shape of an Asian farmer’s traditional hat. To make the design more functional, the inner cone hat is marked with rice cup measurements. The beautiful Asian calligraphy and the simple visuals represent the heritage of this humble grain.

Designer: Backbone Branding