The Titanium Grater Will Even Serve your ‘Grate-grandchildren’

Machined from a single billet of titanium, Warren Simpson’s Fine Grater combines the virtually indestructible properties of titanium with the experience gathered from his past four Kickstarter campaigns. Small, and unstoppable, the fine grater moves along the surface of hard cheeses (parmesan or gouda) or even citrus peels, carving out fine shavings of it for your dishes. The titanium blade is food-grade, rust-proof, and has the high strength to weight ratio that makes it glide across the surface, grating things with the buttery ease that’s difficult to come by with punched and stamped sheet metal graters, but matching their weight.

The Fine Grater is made completely from a single block of titanium, giving it a unified single-material look while making sure the entire grater is rigid and unbreakable and doesn’t have any parting lines or crevasses where food or dirt could get trapped. It even comes in a variant that sports a blade on it, allowing you to cut shavings of parmesan or chocolate. Available in both left and right-handed variants, Simpson’s Fine Graters have the same dimensions of a dessert spoon, but functionality and durability beyond compare. Non-toxic, rust-proof, and dishwasher safe, the Fine Grater and Fine Grater with Blade will outlive all your traditional stainless steel and plastic cutlery and kitchen tools by not one, but multiple centuries.

Designer: Warren Simpson

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The Fine Grater follows the design criteria of:

  • Grate directly onto food (and not have to use a second plate to catch the gratings)
  • Allow to easily grate a small amount at a time if I need to
  • Be Super-easy to clean
  • Reduce the risk of cutting my fingers
  • Be built to be indestructible
  • Ultra-hygienic
  • Be good for any fine grating, including parmesan
  • Be good for zesting citrus 




Fine Grater with Blade


Image on left: Fine Grater with Blade


Perfect for shaving parmesan and peeling thin citrus peel.


This picture shows the inside and outside of the shavings made by the Fine Grater with Blade.



Bespoke Made


Blade won’t scratch your bench.


There are no cheap-and-nasty mass-manufacturing techniques used to make these Graters.

There is no stamping, pressing, bending, punching or any other cost-cutting methods typically used in products destined for “the masses”.

From importing the raw titanium… all the way through to the proprietary surface finishing… every part of the process of making these Graters gets personal care and attention.


Each Grater is truly made ONE AT A TIME. This is a true bespoke made piece designed to last generations.

The Fine Grater and Fine Grater with Blade was inspired by the revolutionary Titanium Grater



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