Recycled plastic, waterproof build, & a secret pocket… how a humble cap is daring to be different

On a normal day, you wouldn’t really see me talking about caps. Apart from the odd novelty cap on with a solar panel and fan attached to it, caps haven’t really seen much innovation. They’ve always been made the same way, with practically the same fabric, and have always had a reputation of being brand-heavy. Caps aren’t innovative, and haven’t seen a creative overhaul in decades. The Persef Ecap is hoping to change that.

The Persef Ecap starts by making a small but significant change in the otherwise change-less cap industry. Named after Persephone, the Greek Goddess of vegetation and a symbol of mother nature, the Persef Ecap takes on an environmentally friendly, sustainable approach to cap-design. It ditches virgin cotton for recycled polyester (the same material found in sports jerseys), and in doing so, becomes waterproof, moisture-wicking, more breathable, and even anti-bacterial. This polyester material is created using a blend of yarn created from recycled plastic bottles and Tencel organic cotton, creating a fabric that has 75% lower CO2 emissions. The fabric even comes with UV-resistant additives to help protect you from ultraviolet radiation outdoors, and with silver nanoparticles that give each cap anti-bacterial properties.

Available in 4 visual styles, the snap-back cap hopes to appeal to the two main cap-wearing demographics. The outdoor adventurer who spends time in the sun, and the street-style-icon who sports the cap as a brand and fashion symbol. The four cap styles come with the same polyester fabric construction, as well as with a unique differentiating feature. Each cap sports a concealed pocket, usable for cash, keys, Airpods, or any other pocketable personal belongings.

The Persef Ecap’s crusade is something that’s quite new for the cap industry. Its dedication towards providing fashion that’s sustainable and eco-friendly helps it cater to the small but significant demographic of cap-wearers who’d like to do their share for the planet. Dare I say it is, in theory, quite similar to the way the Cybertruck caters to the demographic of pickup truck drivers who would like to go electric to reduce their carbon footprint. Ironically enough, there isn’t a trucker-cap variant in Persef Ecap’s range. Maybe sometime in the future?

Designer: Greka King

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Persef Ecap – Sustainable, Waterproof & Durable

Persef Cap combines the smart balance of comfort, functionality and endurance so that you can wear them all throughout your day without having to worry about your style.

Unisex Design Designed in Spain

Onem Sea Print

Akim Persef Tape

Emes Black

Ragon Shark



Every cap is made of recycled PETs, recycled plastic bottles, which creates a fabric that is both eco-friendly and very resistant and versatile. All their fabrics are GRS (Global Recycled Standard) verified. Recycling polyester is one of the best solutions for our environment and climate, saving more than 75% CO2 emissions.


Ecap is 100% waterproof, which means that your hair and your head will remain dry in any weather conditions.

Durable & Resistant

Their Ecap has a built-in Anti-pilling system which allows those horrible little spots that are sometimes seen on clothes not to form.

Secret Pocket

Keep what’s essential close to you, every time, everywhere.

UV & Antibacterial Protected

Ecap fabric contains additives resistant to UV radiation, which is an excellent source for blocking those damaging UV rays. This technology also eliminates the effect of transparency so you can enjoy activities in the sun better. They have successfully managed to repurpose the plant extracts to biosynthesize silver nanoparticles and integrate them in our fabric, ensuring this way that all bacteria are well kept away from you while wearing Persef Ecap.

Breathable & Comfortable

Its interior band protects you from sweating and adjust perfectly to you. Experience the comfort of doing any activity that you love without worrying about sweat or humidity. Dance, run, walk, you can do it all without losing an inch of comfort.

Click Here to Buy Now: $45 $110 (60% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!