This shovel-attachment lets you use your foot to help break the soil, without breaking your back

I can just feel like the punchline for this article should be “Can you dig it?”

This is the Kikka Digga, just like its energetic name, it helps energize the act of digging by reducing the strain and load on your back, allowing you to dig faster and better. The Kikka Digga, with its universal fixture, snaps onto all standard shovels, spades, and pitchforks. With a secure, two-part design, it secures to the base of the handle, and gives you a footrest that helps you transfer the load and make digging easier.

Imagine lifting something very heavy without any help. You bend down, pick up the load, and lift either with your knees or your back. Either way, it causes physical strain, limiting the amount of work you can do. Now imagine using a seesaw to lift the same amount of weight. Instead of using your back, you use a lever with a fulcrum, making the work significantly easier. The Kikka Digga works the same way. Once you push the shovel or pitchfork into the ground, place your foot on Kikka Digga’s footrest. This footrest immediately acts as a fulcrum-point so instead of lifting the shovel and soil upwards, you just need to pull down and back as the shovel pushes the soil up and forward. If you want to get into the mechanics of it, since the Kikka Digga works quite like a seesaw, the attachment’s positioning is crucial. It sits at the very base of the handle, giving you a longer lever-arm to tug on… and if anyone’s studied basic physics in the seventh grade, it helps drastically cut down the amount of effort you’d normally apply, letting you easily shovel dirt, soil, cement, sand, snow, all without breaking a sweat, or worse, breaking your spine. *insert punchline*

The Kikka Digga is a winner of the European Product Design Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Nick Skaliotis