A water-and-wind-powered portable generator for all your outdoor adventures!

You know when you’re wandering in the wild outdoors, merrily camping or hiking, and your phone dies? And there’s no immediate power source? (not that you should have been expecting one.) And your portable battery pack’s acting problematic too? For those very tricky situations, product designer Alex Worthington created ‘Freflow’. Freflow is a portable generator powered by the natural elements; water and wind!

At first glance, it looks like, well, a flask or a travel mug, which is what contributes significantly to the generator’s portable factor. Resembling a dark grey to-go coffee flask, the generator is covered by a plastic cap on top. Removing the plastic cap reveals a conical 3 blade Archimedes’ turbine, in a bright stark yellow color. Place the generator in an active stream, or mount it on its accompanying stand and position it facing a windy direction, and watch as the turbine gets moving. The turbine channels water and wind from up to a 60-degree angle of the central axis, making it more efficient than traditional turbine designs. The generator stores up the water-and-wind-generated energy for future use.

Now, whenever you’re low on juice, simply pull apart the generator into two sections. The second half functions as a charging pad with USB ports for your smartphones, tablets, iPods, laptops, etc. The bottom circular end of the generator also functions as a flashlight for those dark and dim corners.

Freflow is perfect for whenever you feel completely disconnected from the world and need your digital dose, charging up your vital devices, using only what nature has to offer! Freflow is the sidekick you need on your next adventure in the wilderness.

Designer: Alex Worthington