Tea Coffin Revisited With More Friends

Reminding me about the Tea Coffin is this project called the Te a me. However, designer Vera’s efforts are more comprehensive and take into account a kettle and jug system as well. For the cup and saucer, of course the burial ground for the teabag is there and so is a clever nip in the cup, to desist your bag from sinking into the tea. The complementing water jug can be placed directly on the stove for brewing the cuppa, or can be used as a kettle. The thermo magnetic saucer lets you serve piping hot water directly at the table. Totally love this set and would love to catch a glimpse of it at the Vienna Design Week, where it will be at display.


Tea set: porcelain, glossy glazed, silicone, dishwasher safe and microwaveable
Jug / Kettle: now brass, but should be aluminum and stainless steel
Saucers: polyurethane

The product will be available from December 2010.
Pre-ordering is available right away. Recommended retail price: 26,90 EUR

Photos: Paris Tsitsos alle anderen
Bilder: Severin Wurnig

Designer: Vera Wiedermann