Grovemade’s Task Knife turns a humble design tool into an incredibly desirable instrument

Bringing aspects of design to the very tool you’d use for designing purposes, the Grovemade Task Knife is to cutters and scalpels what Moleskine is to notebooks, or Muji is to stationery. It transforms a humble design tool into a well-designed instrument that every creative worth their salt would absolutely love to own, use, and put on display on their Insta-worthy workspaces.

The Grovemade Task Knife comes with a pristine monolithic design that combines handle and blade into one perfect package. The handle features the Grovemade logo machined onto one end, as it seamlessly transitions into a sheepsfoot blade at the other end, perfect for cutting anything from paper to foam or even leather. Machined from a single metal billet, the Task Knife comes in stainless steel with a matte black ceramic coating, or regular stainless steel and brass variants that showcase the true colors of the respective metals, complete with the CNC machine lines for that extra bit of raw beauty. The knives are available as standalone instruments but are best paired with Grovemade’s distinctive wooden stands that showcase the Task Knife in all its glory, keeping the instrument mounted vertically in a way that’s both gorgeous to look at and also easy to grasp and use, so you’re never rifling through stationery kits or rummaging through cabinets for your tools. Each Task Knife is made to absolute perfection in Grovemade’s headquarters in Portland Oregon with the utmost respect for form, function, detail, and quality… by designers, for designers.

Designer: Sean Kelly of Grovemade