With Fitbit bought by Google, Pollix is the new fitness smartwatch on the market


With its incredibly competitive price tag and an aesthetic + feature list to match, the Pollix is a great nemesis to the Apple Watch. In fact, it’s a great smartwatch to own if you’re not fond of the idea of surrendering your data to one of the tech giants… and if you’re especially displeased by Google acquiring Fitbit and all its customer data. This is the Pollix. It’s modeled on one of the finest smartwatches, with features to match. A lightweight aluminum case surrounds the watch’s square-shaped display (complete with an Apple Watch style wallpaper), and interchangeable straps allow you to give your watch new personas. The watch costs practically a quarter of what the Apple Watch costs, but comes with all the important features, from the GPS and ability to send and receive calls and texts, to an optical heart sensor and a waterproof construction. The Pollix has an incredibly intuitive fitness tracker that rivals even the best smartwatches, and it even comes with an ECG monitor, just like the latest Apple Watch does, but here’s where it gets better. The Pollix even has a blood-pressure monitor, something that’s missing from Apple and Fitbit’s offerings, and somehow still manages to have a battery life of 10+ days so you can go a week without needing to take your watch off to charge it.

The Pollix’s most defining feature is its ability to be a great fitness tracker. With a sufficiently advanced AI sitting within it, the Pollix doesn’t just track your activities, it recognizes the type of exercise you’re getting, identifying between running, jogging, skipping, doing yoga, playing soccer, or even swimming. It comprehensively captures your activity and your workout, giving you 24/7 heart-rate data so you know how you’re performing. The watch even monitors sleep, as well as fatigue, letting you know when you need to sit down or give your body a break. Obviously it performs traditional smartwatch functions too, from giving you text and call alerts, helping you navigate, and even control music playback from your wrist.

The Pollix’s biggest pro is its ability to exist outside the Apple-Google-Samsung (and China) ecosystem. It doesn’t come with a dependence on third-party services like your phone’s inbuilt fitness tracking, or your voice-assistant. It packs its own independent dashboard and an app that simply helps you control your smartphone’s features through your watch. Pollix is based out of Austria, which means your data, for the most part, should also be protected by European GDPR laws. It’s honestly a great watch for someone who doesn’t want to surrender their fitness/medical data to a large company like Apple or Google. Come for the data independence, stay for the great design, swappable wrist-straps, competitive price tag, and that glorious 10+ day battery life!

Designer: Serhii Yefimov

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Pollix Watch – The Prime Health & Fitness Smartwatch

Aiming to make better fitness possible, the Pollix Watch features AI technology with GPS, ECG, HR, SPO2, blood pressure, and 10+ days battery life.

The Pollix comes in a flush, IP68 waterproof 46mm case and the IPS Display made from crack-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass.


The Pollix tracks your hourly activity, and your resting time, your steps, your distance, your sleep quality, your sleep hours, your calories burned, your distance climbed, your workout quality, your heart rate, the team also engineered ECG, atrial fibrillation, SPO2 oxygen, Fatigue Index and AI blood pressure monitoring.

Pollix Artificial Intelligence Technology

Their AI technology is designed and engineered to help you understand yourself more clearly and accurately.

App & Dashboard

With the Pollix App, you can customize your dashboard catered to you. Keep your friends updated on your progress, remain up-to-date on your stats, read AI suggestions, and receive all the alerts you set. Pollix App links up with your device (or devices) to sync your information, and you can also sync it with third-party apps, including Strava, MyFitnessPall, Health App, and S-Health.

Their AI technology will calculate and analyze the statistics that comprise your daily activity, helping you to plan your meals and your workout strategy.

The AI considers any and all details in your life in order to make suggestions.  The System stores all the fitness tracker data in a database, where the App will regularly deploy new algorithms, becoming more accurate the more that you use it.


The system includes automatic workout detection, yoga workouts, hiking workouts, advanced running features (like cadence and pace alerts), and up to five metrics simultaneously.

17+ goal-based exercise modes. Select workouts that include running, biking, swimming, practicing yoga, and circuit training. Figure out your goals in each activity and try to reach them.

Automatic Exercise Recognition. It recognizes when you are running, swimming, riding an elliptical, or playing sports so that you never need to change anything manually. All your records will appear in the Pollix App automatically.

Built-In GPS. They have built GPS Chips, GLONASS, and BEIDOU three-position system into their fitness watch. Keep an accurate record of your pace, distance, and other key stats any time you climb, cycle, or run. Check your split times and map your route.

Swimproof & Tracks Swims up to 50M. Pollix Watch remains functional, counting your stats and keeping track of your progress.

24/7 Heart Rate & Heart Rate Zones. The 24/7 heart rate will determine your calorie burn, workout, and health trend goals, and the real-time dynamic heart rate zone will tell you when you are in a fat burn, aerobic, or extreme zone so that you can modify your workouts appropriately.

Health Features

Keep a close eye on your ECG. Pollix Watch will notify you if your heart rate dips or spikes, and it will also pick up on irregular rhythms. From fall detection to emergency SOS alerts.

ECG Monitoring (NSR & AFib). Normal Sinus Rhythm (NSR) and Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) are just a peek away using their always-on ECG. This Watch recognizes more than ten different arrhythmia symptoms, including tachycardia, bradycardia, and tachyarrhythmia.

Blood Pressure Monitoring. Watch your blood pressure closely, reading your numbers accurately through a high sampling frequency.

Meditation. Keeps track of your HRV values to put a score on your meditation.

Sleep Tracking. Pollix Watch will determine your sleep quality, recording your deep sleep, light sleep, and waking times to figure out how much rest you need.

Fatigue Monitoring. Will alert when you are fatigued and need to sit down or sleep for a while.

Notification & Motivation

Receive your alerts through call, text, calendar notifications, or push notifications.

Share your activities with your friends, organize coaching, set up challenges, and earn awards.

Watch-face & Accessories

Pollix Watch will fit any normal-size 20mm band, including sports brand designed for movement and breathability, stylish woven bands, and premium leather bands.

Select any clock face that suits you.

Click Here to Buy Now: $110 $220 (50% off). Hurry, less than 12 hours left!