Jarra is a self-cooling clay flask that combines pre-refrigeration techniques with a contemporary form

It’s really difficult to imagine a life before electric refrigeration existed, but we humans had our ways of naturally cooling liquids back in the day. Meet Jarra, a modern flask that takes inspiration from naturally-cooling terracotta vessels, while bringing a timely bit of innovation to it. You see, terracotta relies on porosity to help naturally cool water, but these pores can often lead to bacterial growth if not maintained well. Modern clay vessels circumvent this problem by using ceramic glazing to close these pores, but this eventually cancels out the clay’s natural cooling effect.

Jarra uses special glazing techniques to still meet safety standards without compromising on the clay’s natural cooling effect. Its slender-neck makes the design ergonomically sound, allowing you to hold and pour it with ease. Coupled with a food-safe aluminum cap, Jarra plays on a duality of old-techniques wrapped in a design that feels suitably modern, giving you a bottle that’s both rustic and new-age, and can almost instantly cool water without requiring any electricity!

Jarra is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2019.

Designers: Sahar Madanat & Ahmad Jarrar (Twelve Degrees)