With a futuristic breathable fabric and magnetic buttons, the ‘AIR’ blazer is the definition of cool!


The blazer is a classic garment, in that it hasn’t changed in centuries, and probably doesn’t need to… but with modern times a few updates are long overdue. Meet the AIR, a blazer that I decidedly call futuristic. It’s still the evergreen blazer, with a few timely tweaks to help it adorn the modern consumer. The blazer is breathable, reversible, wrinkle-free, anti-microbial, odor-resistant, stain-resistant, lightweight, and comes with magnetic buttons. It fits like a glove, giving you a defined silhouette, but doesn’t restrain movement. The stretchable fabric makes it easy to move around in, and its signature weave and cloth give it breathability, so you can wear it all year round, while cutting down on maintenance by keeping the jacket perpetually wrinkle-free.

The AIR Jacket deviates from the standard wool/cotton/linen construction and opts for a specialized fabric made from Austrian Beechwood pulp. The new fabric boasts of remarkable breathability, further reinforced by the cloth’s microgap weave that allows your skin to breathe naturally so you don’t feel as sweaty as you would in a wool jacket. The Beechwood fabric even resists wrinkling, keeping the jacket as good as new even hours after wearing it. You can say goodbye to those inside-elbow and waist creases. The fabric is further infused with elastane to give it a 3D stretch that lets you move around naturally in the jacket without being limited by its perfect fit. Couple that with the Beechwood fabric’s natural resistance to microbes and you’ve got a jacket that doesn’t become musty when kept in the wardrobe… and the designers say you probably won’t have to worry about getting it dry-cleaned because the fabric is stain-resistant too, instantly repelling any water, wine, or coffee that you might end up spilling on yourself.

The AIR jacket comes with a reversible design, allowing you to easily flip between plain and patterned fabric, going from formal to semi-formal in a single flip. The reversible design even features a reversible buttoning system, thanks to the use of discreet magnets hidden within the fabric that allow you to snap it open or shut. To top everything off, the AIR comes with a special monogrammed sleeve (on both reversible sides) to give your jacket a truly unique and personal touch.

The magnetic closure remains perhaps my favorite design feature. Not only is it incredibly cool to magnetically-snap your blazer shut, it’s a brilliant win for accessibility too, allowing the disabled to open or close their blazer without fiddling with those buttons. It also means the buttons on your blazer will never ever get lost because hey, they aren’t even there in the first place! Stroke of genius if you ask me!

Designer: Harsha Kasey of GOTTLICH

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AIR: Breathable Blazer with 20 Features

Made with Austrian Beech Trees, the AIR blazer is breathable, lightweight, wrinkle resistant, stain/liquid repellent and stretchable.

Made from sustainably grown Austrian Beech Trees, popularly known as Modal. However, their modal has been specially tweaked, blended & engineered to suit the AIR blazer’s desired properties – to look like wool but to breathe like a shirt. Unlike wool/poly-wool AIR’s fabric is naturally porous allowing free airflow at a molecular level itself. It is inherently 50% more breathable than traditional cotton.

The already breathable fibers are then woven into a luxurious fabric with specially engineered micro gaps which further allow more airflow resulting in additional breathability. They have achieved air permeability of 6000 units.

For the first time ever, a blazer has a Magnetic Closure. Two identical powerful coin magnets are inserted & stitched to facilitate the blazer closure. The Patent Pending design makes it much quicker & easier to use than a button closure.

AIR is a Seamlessly Reversible blazer. The team has developed innovative 360-degree rotational lapels that beautifully conceal the reversible nature. A special micro-coil single needle chain stitch has been developed to facilitate this seamlessness. It is impossible for the naked eye to know that the AIR blazer is reversible.

AIR weighs about 200 grams owing primarily to the inherent nature of the beech tree fabric and also because of the superfine & super lean internal construction which is delicately sandwiched between the plain & the pattern fabric sides. AIR is approximately 66% lesser in weight than any other blazer in the world. It is almost as light as a cotton dress shirt.

The AIR blazer has a Sleeve Monogram made from pure Mulberry Silk which is the most luxurious & exotic among the silk family. Generally, the blazer monograms are present on the blazer’s inside chest area & are hidden from the outside world.

Due to the fabric’s natural cellulose property, the blazer feels soft & smooth on the skin. Especially while sporting the AIR blazer with a T-shirt, the skin around the neck, arms, forearms & hands are in contact with the blazer fabric, you immediately feel the soft sensation unlike the rough touch of the wool, cotton & linen blazers.

AIR’s fabric is infused with flexible elastane providing an optimum 3-dimensional stretch. You are no longer limited in your movement. While there have been a few stretchable blazers in the past, all of them are knitted, not woven, with their fabric looking like a cotton T-Shirt fabric with a little stretch & dramatically bring down the sheer elegance of a woven blazer.

AIR’s fabric is magically blended with a specially engineered porous microfiber resulting in exquisite wrinkle resistance. After multiple iterations & carefully studying every fabric swatch the team prototyped & developed, they finally accomplished to engineer the AIR’s fabric to look like luxury wool with a sublime crosshatch melange finish.

Infused with the latest liquid & stain repellent nanotechnology. You never have to worry about spilling water, coffee, cola drinks, alcoholic beverages, etc. All liquid will roll right off, protecting you from any stains. Any leftover residual liquids can be absorbed easily with a paper towel/napkin.

AIR’s fabric is enriched with Silver Ions. The silver ions disrupt the cell division process of bacteria. When bacteria come in contact with the silver enriched fabric, the bacteria cells dock & take up the positively charged ‘Ag+’ silver ions. Upon consuming the silver ions, the bacteria cells get damaged or destroyed.

AIR comes in four carefully selected, poetically named, elegant, exotic colors: Deep Ocean, Alpine Grey, Cloud and Sky.

Click Here to Buy Now: $189 $350 ($161 off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $150,000.