Far-flung Studio’s “minimalist-Memphis” decor features upcycled hoops, concrete, and rebonded foam

Showcased at the Amman Design Week 2019, Far-flung Studio’s series of lighting and furniture explores the possibilities of giving old raw materials a new lease of life. Founded by David Selander and Mohammad Aljabi, Far-flung is a Swedish Jordanian collaboration that helps feed off two very distant cultures.

The Hoop and Staff lamps explore giving inherently unstable objects a sort of functional stability. The hoop-shaped light and the red staff are bound to concrete blocks for stability. The concrete block in the Hoop works as a sitting stool, with an angled light for easy reading, while the block works as a concrete side-table when attached to the Staff light. The two lighting concepts explore a minimalist take on the Memphis 2.0 art movement, and are punctuated by the Foam Chair, a simple piece of furniture with a wild CMF brought about by its unique rebonded foam construction.

Designer: Far-flung Studio