The charging pad of this conceptual Montblanc digital pen functions as its paper!

Digital pens are all the craze right now. The traditional pen and paper duo have been abandoned for the more convenient digital pen and tablet pairing. However, to actually use a digital pen, you need to ensure that you always have its corresponding tablet/device in hand. If not, they’re basically useless. Product designer Jean-François Bozec has come up with the concept of the ‘Note by Montblanc’. It is Montblanc’s first advanced digital pen but manages to go beyond your usual digital pen. Bozec harmoniously integrated AI with a high end ‘smart’ writing instrument, while maintaining Montblanc’s signature design DNA and philosophy. The result was the NotePen; the culmination of Montblanc’s brand expertise with an upgrade. Created from aluminum and stainless steel, it is guaranteed to fit perfectly into the user’s hand.

Designer: Jean-François Bozec

Designed to be compatible with tablets, smartphones, laptops, speakers, smartwatches and its charging pad, the NotePen can be paired with all devices, functioning as a swift, intuitive and precise writing instrument. Jot down your deepest thoughts, sketch your brightest ideas, pen down all your musings in an instant with the NotePen, with your notes easily accessible on all the connected devices.

Note by Montblanc has been paired with an innovative charging pad called the NoteCharge. Magnetized, the NotePen is immediately attracted to the pad, attaching itself to the top of it, once they are brought together.

Besides tablets and smartphones, the NotePen can be used to write on the E-ink screen of the NoteCharge. Once you’ve made your notes, tap on the pen and directly transfer your data to the cloud of your preferred device. Check your notes anytime anywhere on your cloud-based device. The battery percentage is also displayed on the screen of the charging pad.

Amped with the Invenses 9 axis chip, it allows you to express your ideas on a screen as you would on a proper sheet of paper. The chip ensures there are no delays and latencies in the transfer of ideas from your mind to the tangible screen. The touch-sensitive area which allows you to control your pen is customizable, enabling you to alter it according to your needs and the preferred tools of your choice.

Available in three impressive colors; Rose Gold, Sage Green and Abyssal Blue, Note by Montblanc is simple but sophisticated, lightweight but effectively strong, a single pen but with infinite possibilities.

This is a conceptual project and isn’t affiliated to Montblanc. Any use of the brand and logo are solely for representational purposes.