Safeguard against daily fatigue. These socks come with arch-support cushions to help you.

If you’re asking yourself what exactly a performance enhancing sock is, think of the term Form Follows Function. Socks, for the longest time, have just simply followed the shape of the wearer’s foot, or Form Follows Form. Aside from absorbing sweat and not dirtying the inside of your shoes, socks didn’t play much of a role in their function, but Daniel Kang, the designer of REXY believes they play a vital role in protecting and empowering your feet, easily the most overworked part of your body.

They say the average human walks at least 10,000 steps a day, which means by the age of 20, you’ve probably walked enough to cover the circumference of the earth, and that sort of activity surely deserves more than just a piece of cotton and spandex covering your feet. Kang designed the REXY socks to be a functional piece of equipment, rather than basic fashion. Every aspect of the REXY was designed to assist and comfort your feet, helping it help you walk, while also wicking perspiration and relieving foot fatigue from a long and active day.

The highlight of REXY’s design is its arch support pad, that sits in the archway of your feet, between the toe-ball and the heel. The arch is a natural shock-absorber, and tends to flatten out over the course of the day, causing foot-aches. REXY’s arch-supporting pad keeps your foot’s arch cushioned through the day, improving both balance and mobility while reducing the fatigue you feel at the end of the day. An additional cushion zone sits right above the heel, hugging the back of your foot to provide support, cushioning, and relief by compression.

The REXY is a great example of rebuilding a product from the ground up. Unlike conventional socks made from either cotton, nylon, spandex, or wool, REXY employs a specially formulated Aqua-X fabric that’s designed to wick away moisture up to 30% faster than polyester, and stay cool and dry, preventing discomfort and the odor caused by bacterial growth. The fabric is even stitched together using a unique weave called Airwave, designed for maximum breathability, making the socks feel cooler than conventional cotton socks. When all is said and done, REXY channels its ability to do more with design details and material science, to provide a sock that cushions your feet, while empowering them to walk, run, or jump more, without feeling the burn. The socks additionally even have four-way anti-slip silicone pads at their base, so they keep your foot stable inside your shoe, reducing any inner movement that may affect your performance.

It’s pretty amazing to see that socks can be designed to be as empowering and functional as your shoes are. Made to work universally across various foot-types, the REXY gives you a serious competitive edge when you’re training or playing a sport, relieves foot aches if you’re the kind to walk a lot or stand through the day, and even keeps your feet dry, healthy, and odor-free for longer periods of time… and it’s honestly pretty remarkable that the humble sock can do all that.

Designer: Daniel Kang

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REXY: Performance Balance Socks

The REXY socks feature arch support, compression, breathability, slip resistance, and quick-drying materials.

Arch-support Technology

Their patent-pending arch-pad design is built to arch your foot ergonomically, amplifying the resistance your body naturally provides with every impact. This pad provides superior shock absorption and distributes the weight evenly reducing foot fatigue throughout the day.

Custom designed arches spring back into place.

Layers of Technology Built-in


With their patent-pending non-slip technology, they have designed the socks to work and feel like a second skin, in addition to providing the ability to help you stabilize every step, leap, and landing.

For All Kinds of Feet

For All Kinds of Sports

For golf. Perfect for long walks and being on your feet.

For running. Made to withstand every stride during your runs.

For basketball. Made for jumping and accommodates for immediate directional changes.

Compression Session

Regardless of age, the compression socks increase healthy blood circulation throughout your body, preventing unnecessary stress near your feet.

Experience less fatigue, speed up recovery and reduce soreness by using the compression technology.

AQUA-X Helps Whisk Away Moisture

The fabric is designed to whisk away perspiration while sporting an odor-resistant finish.

Absorbs sweat and uses the natural movement of your foot to dry quickly.

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