Kismas Glass Brick Lamps: A Fusion of Vintage Elegance and Modern Innovation

Dive into the world of cool lighting with Kismas, a Lithuanian design studio that’s turning vintage vibes into modern magic. Old-school glass blocks from the Cold War era are getting a fresh lease on life, thanks to Kismas’ playful design spirit. They’ve introduced a dreamy collection of glass brick lamps – the Vintage Line and the Modern Line. It’s like Kismas is playing matchmaker between the past and present, creating a home vibe that’s both nostalgic and cutting-edge. These lamps aren’t just illuminating; they’re time-traveling storytellers, celebrating the cool factor of vintage design. So, if you want your space to be a mix of retro charm and contemporary chic, Kismas has got the perfect lighting symphony for you!

Designer: Kismas

The Kismas Vintage Line brings forth a marriage of minimalist steel bases and reclaimed glass blocks, each with a unique history dating back to the fierce times of the Cold War. Salvaged from various Baltic countries, these original glass elements, deemed “imperfect” by the brand, find a new identity in Kismas lamps. The juxtaposition of sturdy yet subtle dark steel bases with the transparent glass blocks creates a striking visual interplay, emphasizing graphic patterns and corrugated edges.

Rich Green Lamp 01, a standout from the Vintage Line, showcases the deep green color characteristic of blocks used in brutalist buildings in the Soviet Union. Bearing marks, scratches, and small cracks, each lamp becomes a one-of-a-kind piece with a rich history. The Bigger Optical Lamp 01, another Vintage Line gem, features lighter green blocks from the ’70s-’80s in Lithuania, allowing for the use of filters that can change the color of the emitted light.

In the Kismas Modern Line, the design takes a leap forward with glass block lamps crafted by Seves Glass Blocks. Clean lines, bold patterns, and flawless clarity define this collection, paying homage to modernist architecture. The centerpiece, Doric Lamp 01, features a Doric19 glass block inspired by renowned architect Rafael Moneo, while the Linear Lamp 01 and Cross Linear Lamp 01 introduce ribbed patterns and intersecting lines for unique lighting effects. The 80s Dream Lamp 01 and Orbital Lamp 01 round out the Modern Line with a frosted surface and Maison de Verre building inspiration, respectively.

Kismas doesn’t stop at elegant design; it introduces a creative twist with light filters that can instantly transform the ambiance of a room. These easy-to-install filters come in seven hues, from the cinematic Dirty Yellow and Tokyo Blue to the subtly neon Dark Pink and Neon Green. Primary Red adds a vibrant touch perfect for lively gatherings, while Pale Rose and Aprico offer a warm and cozy glow.