In the future, better cars will be decided by how good their interiors are, rather than horsepower

According to Daniel Martini and the guys at Changan, we’re going to see a pretty solid shift in the automobile world, where a better consumer car isn’t better because it has a better engine, but because it’s a better cabin on wheels. Meet Individual Autonomy by Changan, a private self-driving automobile that explores how people occupy themselves while driven by an autonomous car, as well as the relationship between user and private vehicle.

Individual Autonomy is literally a self-transporting bubble on wheels. With an organic blinds-system that allows you to turn the glass cabin into a transparent bubble when you want, and an enclosed space from the sides when you need, Individual Autonomy focuses on how you interact with the car, now that there is no steering wheel to control it. The interiors transform into a beautiful lounge that you can relax or work in while the car travels around completely on its own. Blinds on the side allow you to shut out the sides of the car when you’re trying to concentrate, but I’d much rather prefer they were open, because then you’re treated to a stunning panoramic view of the road you’re driving through. Now that would be something I’d enjoy!

Individual Autonomy is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Daniel Martini (Changan Automobile European Designing Center S.R.L.)