Piece of art or an air purifier?

Forget about its completely justifiable functionality, we want a Coway FAB purely to admire! This undeniably attractive and beautifully considered example of design has been created to provide the domestic environment with a supply of clean, fresh air, as well as a fresh aesthetic! Designed with the sole aim of fitting harmoniously within a room, FAB carries a wonderfully unique aesthetic that forces it to stand out from its more conventional competitors. The clever combination of the soft fabric finish and sharp linear lines leads to a visually dramatic juxtaposition that we can’t help but love. Aesthetics aside, the fabric finish also brings with it a functional benefit; the air inlet that is concealed behind it sucks the uncleansed air through the material and into the filter!

Another aspect of the design which must not be ignored is the attention to user experience; a clear and accessible carry-handle, tactile buttons and simplistic interface are just a few features that ensure a pain-free operation!

Designer: Hyunjin Park of OFFOF

It is designed using the basic elements of dots, lines, and surfaces. In a neat and unique form, it becomes an object in its own space.

The vivid orange-red color gives you a vintage feel, Blue suits you everywhere and the Light Green Color gives you a soft feel.

The handle in the center of the product increases the mobility of the product. The operating button is white, the same color as the body of the product, and is designed to contrast the fabric color.

It also uses soft rubber materials to provide not only visual comfort but also tactile comfort.

The angle of the air outlet blades of the air purifier is 45 degrees, so air comes out along the wings and breaks into the walls to deliver a wider range of fresh air.

The fabric is an air inlet and has two filtering effects. A structure designed to allow air to be inhaled by a fabric can be easily replaced by stripping the fabric.

Choose the color you want to and match to make your own air purifier.