Elago W3 Stand for Apple Watch Ultra will teleport user onto a nostalgic journey of time and functionality

San Diago-based accessories maker, Elago, has made it a custom to recreate Apple’s loved Macintosh Computer into a charging dock for the Cupertino tech giant’s new watch editions. The W3 charging stands – for Apple Watch series – through the years have paid ode to the iconic iMac that put Apple at the pinnacle of personal computing.

Meant to wirelessly charge the Apple Watch under the disguise of a classic Macintosh, Elago has this time refreshed the design to accommodate Apple’s largest watch to date. The W3 Stand is designed to sit comfortably on the nightstand while charging the Apple Watch Ultra docked into it. With the Nightstand Mode kicked in, it can function as an alarm clock and display time and messages for you.

Designer: Elago

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The new Elago W3 Stand is likely to impress Apple Watch patrons with its throwback design and ability to charge the Watch Ultra. Simply place the watch into the charging stand and the watch screen will instantly transform into a retro Macintosh computer.

The stand – which is compatible with Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, and all previous models – is made of durable, non-recycled silicone. The construction material renders the accessory feels great to the touch and durable enough to last a lifetime. Use of silicone also ensures that the charging stand is safe to use in homes with children and pets.

If you’re not a big Apple fan, but know someone in your circle, the Elago W3 Stand for the Apple Watch Ultra can make and ideal gift for them. The dock will teleport the recipient onto a nostalgic journey of time and functionality. If you are considering it an option, you’ll be glad to learn that the W3 Stand comes in two color options: Black and White, and is now available online for $13.99.