Gillette’s Heated Razor is literally ‘the best a man can get’

Shaving at home isn’t always as comfortable as getting shaved at the barbers. You’re either crouched over your sink, or in your shower, running a blade amateurishly across your skin, cutting yourself and cursing your stars as your skin smarts under the influence of aftershave. Go to the barber and it’s a different experience. The barber wipes your chin with a warm cloth, before running the razor expertly across your jaw, periodically dipping it in warm water too, so that the blade is nice and toasty as it glides across your skin. The aftershave doesn’t sting as much either, because of the expert hand… however, there’s a trade secret to this experience. Heat.

As the heated towel rests against your skin, and the warm razor shaves your beard, the heat enhances the quality of your shave. It soothes and relaxes your skin, and even helps the blade glide through the stubble effortlessly. In keeping with Gillette’s tagline of offering man with quite literally the best, the Heated Razor mimics the barber experience. The razor comes with a state-of-the-art heating system built into it, and a strip right under the blades heats up to a comfortable temperature, warming your skin up before the blades glide above it. Pair this with Gillette’s world-class blades and you’ve got a shaving experience that doesn’t give you a remarkably close shave, but gives you a sensational, soothing shaving experience.

Gillette’s Heated Razor comes with a remarkable build. The handle has a great, ergonomic grip, and comes made from aluminum zinc, with a control button that lets you toggle the heating-strip as well as decide between two temperature settings that are indicated using a light-strip on the razor’s hand;e. Built with a lithium-ion battery inside, the razor comes with its own slick-looking dock that doubles as a Qi-enabled wireless charger that should keep your razor permanently juiced anytime you’re ready for a shave. The Heated Razor is built to be waterproof, so you can use it in your shower too for a shave that feels superiorly comfortable, and leaves you running your fingers across your smooth, warm jawline.

Designer: GilletteLabs