This air purifier’s top pops up when you need that extra purification!

If we are on the look-out for a device that is destined for the domestic environment, it’s understandable to lust after a design which compliments the existing furnishings and décor of the home. This calls for the removal of any industrial or utilitarian design features and instead allowing for a simplistic, clean design language to be introduced. This is exactly what the Definite has succeeded in doing.

This beautiful example of product design has been created with the sole purpose of keeping the air inside our homes both healthy and fresh. The top section of Definite rises from the body when the air quality is identified as being inadequate, and once a healthy balance has been met, it resides back into its place where it continues to maintain the desired level of quality.

The entire user experience has been considered in great depth, making Definite as simple and intuitive as possible; clear touchpoints combined with straight-forward removal of the filter leads to a wonderful example of domestic design.

Designer: AB Rh+ Yang