A loud speaker with an aesthetic to match!

Whilst it might be its strikingly unique aesthetic that initially grabs your attention, the NOTA speaker greatly considered functionality that will get you hooked! Designed with versatility firmly in mind, NOTA uses its boldly selected shape to allow it to be used within both the domestic and outdoor environment! The wildly distinctive pattern that covers the vast majority of the speaker’s surface area, just asks to be touch; the tactile nature and extreme texture is one that you are either going to love or loathe… we certainly love it!

When it comes to speakers, shop shelves certainly aren’t at a shortage of offerings, therefore the shelf appeal of the packaging can go a long way in determining the success of the product. It’s fair to say that NOTA passes with flying colors in the packaging department; the frosted acrylic shell hints at the product inside, lettings its vibrant color do the talking!

Designers: Nuri Badur & Muhammet Uzuntaş