Children’s Special – Five Things I’d Pick For My Kids!

One of the biggest USP of the YD Store is that it has something for everyone, including children! Some of the newest additions are adorable and worth having a look at. I have two growing children, so when I asked them to have a peek with me, to pick 5 favorites, we all instinctively chose the following as our best pick for the Children’s Special! OMG, there is a special bonus inside!


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MR.B by 25togo

MR.B is an adorable teddy bear holds all the treasures in the world, belonging to your tyke. Almost like a godsend for those who are emotionally attached to trivial items like Disneyland Tickets or postcards, old balls etc. Treasure trove of memories that you can’t let go of so easy.

Price: $40

Teapot Coin Bank by Yi Weishen

Penny saved is penny earned, that’s the mantra I am trying to teach my children these days! What better way than a coin back to get them started young. However my children love this bank because the spout doles out coins saved…citing today is the rainy day!

Price: $32

MeasureMe Stick by Studio 1 a.m.

How fast they grow! So many of us parents keep saying that. There is such an emotional attachment to every height measurement we take, marking each time how grown up our children are…and how soon they will fly the nest.

Available in 3 colors: Yellow, Red & Grey
Price: $120

Ninja Shuriken Magnets by Liu Chen Hsu

My son loves this just for the Ninja appeal! The magnet doubles up for imaginary secret marks that ninjas used while delivering messages. It connects the connotation of shuriken and secret mark to imply that an announcement always carries an important message.

Each black set comes with 2 Ninja Shuriken Magnets in a ninja style package.
Price: $18

Zuny Animal Bookends

Imaginative and cute, the Zuny bookends find favor with my daughter. She says that Tumo, the lion reminds her of Simba (Lion King) and I quite agree! To keep Tumo company are Bobo the dinosaur, Babu the boar & Nell the sheep. A complete set that organize your books and tame the chaos!

Price: $48 each.