Products that showcase why concrete is the trending design material

Concrete, the solid manufacturing material has poorly been grouped together with bulky structures, construction work, and other not-so-delicate uses. Bring to the mix modern-day manufacturing techniques which have taken the poor man’s concrete, transformed and elevated it to a high-class material that lets you form delicate, even tiny parts with it. Products made with concrete bring to them an element of surprise and wonder as people take a while to associate the beautifully designed object in front of them to the material they have traditionally known, making it a favorite of the modern designer. See to believe, the list includes a watch made from concrete, an elegant chess set to speakers and even lights designed to portray concrete in a manner you have never seen before!

The Fortify chess set celebrates concrete and its contribution to civilization by using it in the aptest game possible, chess by Daniel Skoták.

Ghost Flowerpots by Studio Iludi.

The Concretus Speaker uses concrete as a material with imperfections, but it contributes to a larger sense of aesthetics, making each product unique in a way because each speaker has a different surface finish, different air-bubbles in different places by Gražina Bočkutė.

Open space is a lighting collection from French designer MorganeTschiember, which plays with shape, form, and light.

A concrete patch in the hardwood floor for those snowy boots and muddy sneakers by Matt Gibson of Gibson Carpentry.

HexaSeat by Pouya Hosseinzadeh for Enison Co.

The 4th Dimension Watch was born from a fascination with contemporary architecture and design with a spiral staircase immediately stands out as a visual connecting point between 2 separate dimensions by 22 Design Studio.

Vista Concrete side table by Benton Fusion.

Concrete Key Holder with hidden magnets by Alexander Wilhelm of Betolz.

The minimal yet surprisingly elegant Oval concrete washbasin by Gravelli Design.

‘Basso shelf system’ is a modular shelf consisting of three different basic elements created by the Austrian designer Thomas Feichtner. The design is a modular shelf system consisting of three different basic elements. Stacked one upon or next to the other these cubes are fixed with simple round pegs. “Basso” works inside as well as outside and could be used for books or ring binders or as a shelf for wine bottles or firewood.