Dry, sanitize, purify, and warm public washrooms with this device

Radryer is a radical concept that looks at combining three functionalities into one. You may argue that it’s not necessary to cramp three diverse functions into one, but if you ask me, they functions complement each other – so why not!

Radryer is a hand dryer and sterilizer, it is also an air purifier and a radiator. The combination makes complete sense in the bathroom or a public toilet. Would love to see this one materialize.

Designer: Jinyoung Noh

“Radiators that appear in the toilet every winter have nuts and holes that do not look good when not in use. I thought it would solve the aesthetic problem if the seasonal product could be combined with other toilet device’s problem,” Noh told Yanko Design.

Sterilization using UVC-led

Air cleaner

Heating function