The Spin Bottle Opener is your next functional fidget toy

If you are looking for reasons to justify your need to fidget and acquire more things to play with, then the Spin Bottle Opener is the right toy for you. Designed to resemble the classic spin top, which we all have grown-up to and loved – this metal beauty notches up the appeal by being an efficient bottle opener. I love the way Nicholas Baker integrates a groove to accommodate the bottle-opener niche. Milled out of aluminum, Spin is built to last and to amuse you endlessly, every time you spin it!

Designer: Nicholas Baker

Click Here to Buy Now: $30

“I’d been wanting to design a bottle opener for about 3 years at this point. I’d come up with previous designs, but found them to be extraneous and they didn’t seem to push the idea of a bottle opener. While exploring bottle opener ideas in VR, I thought it would be interesting to constrain my design by using the revolve tool. This gradually led me to create a spun form and add a handle. The resulting form resembled the classic spinning top toy. It felt like a perfect juxtaposition of functional object and a playful fidget toy,” Nicholas Baker tells YD.