Fooks smart speaker makes your smartphone redundant as your music supply

The typical routine is that you pair your phone to your speaker, pull out your playlist on your favorite app and then listen to your tunes. The Fooks cuts the middleman – here it’s your Smartphone – and makes it redundant in terms of hosting and playing your songs. All you need to do is tune it directly via the speaker, as it hosts an impressive interface and spacious display.

Navigate to your favorite music app or simply download your songs – and what I love the most is that you can rate and search for your music, right from the device. It makes it so much simpler but cutting out the phone.

Although it’s not mentioned, I’m hoping there is backward integration, so that the new music you pick, can reside in your phone as well. This ways, it’s always going to be about the music and clear sound, and not about the device!

Designer: Onurhan Demir