iOS 18 Beta 3: What’s New for Developers in the Latest Update

It’s Mobile Monday, and we’re delighted to see that Apple has embraced the occasion by releasing iOS 18 Beta 3 today. This latest beta version brings a range of updates and refinements, moving closer to the official launch of iOS 18. With a focus on enhancing user experience, streamlining interfaces, and adding new features, this update highlights Apple’s ongoing commitment to improving its operating system based on feedback from developers and users.

Designer: Apple

One of the significant updates in iOS 18 Beta 3 is the introduction of Dark Mode icons for several third-party apps, including Facebook, Etsy, Telegram, Signal, Slack, Notion, and YouTube. These icons now automatically adjust to Dark Mode, with secondary colors becoming the main color and backgrounds turning black. More complex app icons are tinted darker, while developers have the option to provide their own dark-tinted icons for better customization.

The Photos app has received a usability enhancement by adding a Select button for a more accessible selection of multiple images, eliminating the need to swipe down. The Search button has also been updated to a blue-highlighted magnifying glass, improving visibility and ease of use.

Messages have undergone significant changes, particularly in its emoji and sticker interface. The new design combines emoji, Memoji, and stickers into a single interface, navigable through small icons at the bottom of the display. Users can create and use stickers directly in messages, with non-moving stickers displayed similarly to emojis. Emojis are now shown larger, providing more detail but requiring more scrolling to see additional characters. These enhancements pave the way for the introduction of Apple Intelligence, including features like Genmoji and Image Playground.

Apple has also added a dynamic wallpaper option that transitions through different colors based on the time of day, making iOS 18 visually engaging. The flashlight interface has been refined, offering a more extensive and intuitive control for adjusting brightness and LED flash spread when activated from the Dynamic Island.

The Maps app continues to receive tweaks, particularly its icon colors, when Dark Mode is enabled, ensuring a consistent and seamless user experience. Additionally, the interface for RCS in the Messages settings has been updated to a tap-in menu that provides more context, such as the use of wireless data and the sharing of cellular network identifiers with carriers.

Hints of Apple Intelligence are becoming more apparent, with code references to features like Genmoji, Image Playground, Writing Tools, and Image Wand. These forthcoming AI enhancements are expected to significantly augment the capabilities of iOS 18, offering users a smarter, more responsive experience.

iOS 18 beta 3 is a clear sign that Apple is committed to making its operating system better and more user-friendly with every update. This release shows how Apple listens to feedback and continues to refine features, fix bugs, and add new capabilities to ensure users have a smooth and enjoyable experience with each new version.