Feast your eyes on this rounded, bezel-less Apple Mac Pro Display

Liam Martin’s take on the Mac Pro display borrows a lot from Apple’s past products. For starters, it isn’t an exercise in opulence. It ditches that over-the-top screen-adjusting mechanism that Ive installed in place, making the display cost as much as 5 grand. Martin’s Mac Pro display comes with an impressive screen, and a rotating mechanism that isn’t too easy to pull off. Made entirely out of aluminum, the screen’s body/stand looks influenced by the iMac, while the screen itself (HDR, not XDR) comes with virtually invisible bezels and rounded corners that serve as a hat-tip to the iPad Pro and iPhone.

Martin’s Mac Pro HDR display can rotate full 360°, going to portrait mode and then back to landscape without breaking a sweat. It also moves up and down, via a slider mechanism in the back, and packs ports in its rear, which may seem difficult to reach at first, but is a great place to plug your cables and drives in and forget about them… probably because you’re never going to be able to get your eyes off that absolutely gorgeous edge-to-edge screen!

Designer: Liam Martin

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