These four armchairs come together to form a delightful coffee table

It’s simple, yet unique enough to look different and eye-catching. The Four Quarters are a set of four armchairs that are designed to nest within each other when placed horizontally, forming a pretty nifty wooden coffee table.

Built from solid wood and upholstered with leather to give the seat its comfortable nature, Four Quarters is a shape-shifting furniture concept that lets you have a coffee table in your house, but also surreptitiously hides four extra chairs in your home for when you have guests coming over. The chairs rest on their sides, coming together to form a coffee table, but just lift the individual chair units out and set them upright and you’ve got four extra chairs that were hiding in plain sight!

The Four Quarters is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Maria Dlugoborskaya