The SIX is the best travel luggage ever designed… and it doesn’t have any tech inside

You could add a self-driving module or a biometric lock on a travel suitcase and call it innovation, but is that honestly a better designed suitcase? Yes, it has more features, but it isn’t an improvement on the existing problems, now is it? The G-RO SIX Carry-on is what you get when you design a radically better travel-case, not by feature-adding, but by problem-solving. The G-RO SIX has a better, more spacious design, features a handle that’s angled for better navigation, and six wheels designed to let you push your suitcase (yes, not pull, push) for longer distances without the wrist-pain, and even down the stairs without having to lift your heavy bags. The G-RO SIX isn’t a better suitcase because you can unlock it with an app, or you can charge your phone with its in-built power bank. The G-RO SIX is a better suitcase because it categorically solves the real problems we’ve been having with suitcases for decades now… not through a tech intervention, but through good design and great engineering.

The G-RO SIX is a radical improvement on the hard-shell bags we’ve been seeing and using all this while. Its design is punctuated by a strip running diagonally across the side, forming the SIX’s angular handle. Rather than have vertical handles like most suitcases, the G-RO SIX’s 66° angled telescopic handle was optimized for easy traveling. Taking on a detail found in pushcarts and prams, the handle eases wrist and shoulder fatigue by allowing you to easily push instead of pull your luggage. You’re much more in control, with the bag in front of you, and the G-RO SIX’s wheels allow you to easily maneuver the bag wherever you go.

The wheels on the G-RO SIX are redesigned for better navigation too. With two larger hubless rear wheels for easier, ergonomic pushing, and four swiveling custom-designed durable castor-wheels on the front for better navigation, the G-RO SIX requires lesser effort to maneuver around large airports and cities. The larger wheels are even designed to overcome terrain as well as push down a flight of stairs, making it easier to roam around with your luggage on any sort of terrain, be it flat surfaces, carpeted floors, roads, or even cobblestone. The wheels also come with an optimized ground-clearance, giving you as much as 10% more space along with better mobility.

These crucial innovations result in a bag that, aside from being better, looks different too. The diagonal handle running across the bag is its signature element, and comes with its share of well-engineered details that make the bag a class apart and very difficult to counterfeit. The handle comes with a rotating grip and a recessed button to activate its telescopic extensions, which come made from magnesium, making them lightweight but incredibly durable. The handle design also splits right through the middle when you open the bag… a detail engineered to perfection to make sure it stands the test of extreme usage over years of traveling. Meanwhile, a TSA-approved lock sits on the front, giving the bag its security. All these details sit recessed into the bag’s expanded design, which gives unto 10% extra storage space on the inside, while fitting the dimensions of a regular carry-on case on the outside. G-RO even went the distance to give the bag a perfectly flat top, making it ideal for resting other bags or even using as a makeshift laptop-resting table while you’re waiting for your flight.

G-RO’s design process involves paying attention to the common travel suitcase’s real, physical setbacks. It solves real problems through real design thinking, giving you a no-nonsense travel luggage-case that’s more spacious, more durable, just as secure, and easier to travel with. The SIX combines a PolyCarbonate hard shell, Aluminum chassis, Magnesium handles, Aluminum hinges, and durable PolyUrethane-lined silent-wheels to make every frequent-traveler’s dreams come true… all with a lifetime warranty!

Designer: Netta Dor Shalgi

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The SIX: Carry-on Luggage You Effortlessly Push Forward

The Spinner Re-imagined: A durable pushed bag with all-terrain wheels, increased volume, and advanced ergonomics for an effortless ride. This is G-RO’s sixth product, with six wheels and a handle tilted at 66 degrees. Thus, the team decided to name it “the SIX.”

The Push Configuration

After years of multidisciplinary research and hundreds of thousands of miles of travel, G-RO developed the concept of ‘push’ luggage. With the new push configuration, the user’s body weight acts as a counterbalance, requiring zero additional energy to roll the bag. It makes maneuvering through crowded places, and navigating through narrow airplane aisles, as easy as pushing a baby stroller.

Features & Components

Push Forward – Changing the Rules of the Game

The SIX bag was created for effortless travel. The SIX was designed to always be pushed forward, virtually eliminating all the effort required when using traditional luggage. When we lug or roll other bags, we use muscle groups we don’t activate regularly. This can create major pain and discomfort. Pushing forward concentrates the entire activity on the main muscle groups we already use on a daily basis. As a result of this design, the SIX is the healthiest travel bag ever created. All travel-related pain – in the wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, elbow, and back – is eliminated. It makes travel truly effortless.

Forming a Perfect Rectangle

The SIX utilizes every cubic millimeter of the 22”X14”X9” dimensions for packing space or the components of the bag. Even when overpacking, the bag will compress your belongings to the allowed size and will always fit in the sizer and the overhead bin – no surprises when you arrive for your flight!

Superior Maneuverability

The SIX will roll and maneuver on many different terrains and surfaces without ever needing to pick it up and carry it. If the terrain is a bit rough, simply apply a small amount of pressure on the handle (extend the main handle all the way up for improved leverage) to lift the spinners from the ground, and the bag will roll on its back axle-less wheels to smoothly conquer any terrain.

Super Spacious

The SIX is a super spacious bag. By recessing all of the components into the polycarbonate shell, lowering the bottom and lifting the top, we optimized the internal volume for a carry-on. We kept the internal compartmentalization simple and clean to reduce the weight and the complications of packing. The SIX offers 38L of pure packing volume.

Superior Rolling

Since their first project, G-RO has been recognized for its large-diameter, axle-less wheels (which never break and come with a lifetime warranty). They have developed world-class expertise in the field of luggage wheels. They have now taken that expertise to the next level and have conquered the spinner wheel.

Each of the wheels has passed rigorous testing, which simulates real-life abuse. Specifically for this bag, G-RO developed durable full-bearing wheels, complete with lightweight and silent polyurethane tires for unmatched rolling. The combination of two of our signature GravityRoll™ wheels in the back and two of their new, custom G-RO spinner wheels in the front creates a bag that rolls like nothing on the market.

Advanced Handles

G-RO angled the main handle at precisely 66 degrees for effortless steering. This handle is made of magnesium tubes and coated with a protective layer of oven-cured paint for lightness, structural strength, and durability. The SIX’s main handle features a unique mechanism that splits the handle in half, with a special lock to make sure it’s firmly locked when in use, and a patent-pending “throttle grip” for extension.

G-RO used 2 single-tube profiles for this bag, due to its special function and configuration, and used magnesium instead of aluminum to reduce the weight. All handles are recessed in the shell for impact protection and increased durability. The main handle is recessed at the corners into a special casing that protects the handle from impact.

This revolutionary handle has passed a wide range tests, and meets or exceeds industry standards for strength, functionality, and durability.

A Completely Flat Top

During long wait times spent sitting at the gate, in the food court, in a busy lounge, or on public transportation, you could always use a little personal space. The only physical item that you carry with along is your bag. For that reason, G-RO created the SIX with a completely flat top so it can be utilized for your needs, even if just to place a cup of coffee, a laptop, or put your feet up for a few minutes. You will be surprised how useful this feature is once you start using it.

Tough and Durable

The SIX has been tested and passed a series of aggressive tests that simulate both real-world and extreme scenarios. G-RO dis this in order to make sure the bag they deliver to you will endure and last.

The SIX and TSA

The SIX is equipped with a TSA-compliant lock – with one slide of the lever, the bag’s aluminum channel is locked in two locations. To open the SIX, you first open the lock on the handle and then slide the main lock upwards to unlock it. To lock it, you will lock the bag first, making sure none of the contents are trapped in the aluminum channel, and then lock the main handle sections together.

The G-RO Way & Their R&D Process:

Architecture: the “pillar” of the design. This includes all the detail about what the product will do, how it will function, what features it will include, and what the product will accomplish for the user.

Mechanics: after we know what we want to build and we’ve laid out the frame, we begin to execute it and decide on the materials, how things are going to perform, and how everything will work mechanically. This is where many considerations come into play, such as manufacturing and logistics capability.

Cosmetics: the cosmetic decisions complete the process and include all of the aesthetic and branding decisions that do not affect the performance of the product. This includes commercial aspects such as color (outside and inside), textures of the lining and exterior, density of the mesh, and zippers that are not structural, as well as identifying and addressing potential concerns like scratching or fading.

As the G-RO team go through each step, factors inevitably arise and affect the previous steps. For example, they might find that a certain feature they planned to include in the architecture was not mechanically possible to implement. At that point, they would revisit the previous step and find the best way to update their plans and move forward.

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