This Parthenon pillar inspired 360-degree air purifier brings a touch of Greek architecture to your home

The Pillars of Parthenon’s iconic stature can now be beautifully introduced into your living room, bringing with it the clean, healthy air that we deserve. Appropriately named after the Greek God of the West Wind, Zephyrus is a domestic air purifier unit that absorbs fine dust from the air that surrounds it.

The pillar-like form isn’t only unique, but it also holds a functional benefit; the cylindrical footprint allows the unit to absorb particles from all sides, 360° degrees around itself, making it extremely efficient! In order for the simplistic design to not be interrupted, a minimalistic yet intuitive air condition indicator is positioned on the top surface of the device. This has been accompanied by a trio of buttons which each control the unit’s power, time-booking mode, and fan-speed!

The simplistic design continues on the inside, with a fuss-free and considered assembly process that allows for quick and hassle-less replacement of the filter.

Designer: Jonggun Kim