Salt Shaker With A Difference

Most of us are guilty of sprinkling generous amounts of salt over our food, especially when we have intake restrictions. Mamma is a saltshaker with a difference. It has an integrated spoon-like lip with markings that lets you know how much salt you are going to sprinkle on the food. The main aim of this project is to reduce the intake of salt. The video explains it how…

Designer: Soohun Jung


  • Robert says:

    Ya, but can it connect to my smart phone? That way I can get online stats on my sodium intake, see cool info-graphics about the salt usage of all the members of my family ( login required), have it automatically learn how much salt i like, and most importantly, shake salt when I’m not at home.

    I’m kidding around, seems like most new gadgets have apps. This is a very nice shaker.


  • Hunter says:

    Measuring without numbers.
    Seems legit.

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