This credit card also tracks your carbon footprint along with your payments

It’s easy to see how much money you have in the bank. It’s easy to check your weight, your height, how much water you’ve consumed, but tracking your carbon footprint, as critical as it is in a time like this, isn’t as easy as you think. Up until now, the only two things that affect our choices as a consumer are A. Price, and B. Brand Value. It’s high time we start seeing each product’s carbon impact too.

This is the DO card, developed by Swedish startup Doconomy. Along with working like any other credit card, the DO credit card also lets you track the impact of your spending. Using a calculation system called the Åland Index, the DO card tracks and displays how much CO2 is being generated by each of your purchases. Not only does this allow you to keep tabs on your carbon footprint, it even allows you to see which product or service generates lesser CO2, pushing you in a more environmentally-friendly direction. DO even allows you to set a limit on your carbon footprint, and declines transactions when you reach the limit you’ve set. Additionally, the card even rewards you for environmentally-conscious purchases made, and even goes so far as to allow you to compensate for your carbon impact by making donations to UN certified green projects aimed at global emission reduction.

The card comes with Doconomy’s partner app that allows you to track the emissions caused by your purchases, pushing you to cut down on ecologically harmful spending, while nudging you in the right direction by letting you know which product/service has a lower emission count, making it ecologically viable. The card itself is designed to be eco-friendly too, and is made from a bio-sourced material, and printed with Air Ink, a black pigment collected by trapping unburnt carbon soot from the smoke that comes out of car and motorcycle exhausts!

Designer: Nathalie Green (Doconomy)