MagLock powers this modular keys and wallet organizer

Problem solving is a skill set that can, for the most part, be taught. Problem spotting, however, isn’t something you teach. It’s an innate ability to be able to detect an area of intervention upon which you can exercise your design-thinking skills to make life easier. The Ferris system, designed by Distil Union, takes on a persistent problem of constantly misplacing your personal belongings and EDC, and comes up with a streamlined, elegant solution that, simply put, just works to perfection.

The thing with forgetting your keys or glasses or smartphone is that it isn’t a product design problem, it’s a psychology/personal-trait problem. However, Distil Union has a product-design-centric solution. Magnets! The Ferris system builds on a product that Distil Union designed in 2017… a magnet-embedded pair of sunglasses that could be secured around your shirt collar firmly, preventing them from falling off by accident. The magnets now find themselves in a wide variety of specially designed everyday products, integrated in a way that allows you to constantly be in control of your life and your belongings.

The Ferris system comprises a series of magnet-embedded keychains and wallets, along with a docking platform that holds your belongings (so you never have to go searching for them again). The ModStation lets you simply snap your wallet, keychain, keys, and even things like the Apple Airpods or Distil Union’s sunglasses to its magnetic surface, while also giving you a place to rest your phone, and even store your mail. The ModStation forms the epicenter of the Ferris experience, making sure you have a singular place to store and stash all your important stuff… while Distil Union’s KeyLoop, KeyFolio, and ModWallet, become, in fact, the important stuff.

Layered with the patent-pending MagLock magnets, the KeyLoop, KeyFolio, and ModWallet are an all-accommodating, easy-to-organize set of EDC that let you carry your essentials whenever and however you feel. They feature a leather construction, and come with strong magnets that let you attach keys, thumb-drives, key-fobs, multitools, to them. Based on your needs, you can add or remove keys/components, even swapping them out with other stuff (or exchanging them with your roommate) whenever needed. The magnets bring about an undeniable convenience to carrying your items around with class. Together, the products form Ferris, a system that lets your wallet and keychain adapt to what you need to carry, and eventually rest in a singular docking space in your house, so you never misplace your essentials again.

Ferris gives you an unprecedented level of control over your belongings. If you’re likely to forget your keys, how about you snap them to your wallet? If you REALLY need to carry that USB thumb drive to work tomorrow? Just attach it to your keychain today so you don’t forget them… and most importantly, if you have a tendency to leave your wallet, keys, phone, and other stuff lying around, the ModStation should easily help by holding onto all your stuff for you, so you never find yourself worrying where you left those damned car keys again!

Designers: Nate Justiss & Lindsay Windham

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Shown: Ferris KeyLoop, KeyFolio, ModWallet & ModStation

What is Ferris

Ferris is a series of secure magnetic components that easily come together and quickly reconfigure as needed. Powered by MagLock, you can slim down and carry only what you need in an instant – no more, no less, and no tools required.

Ferris KeyLoop, KeyFolio, and ModWallet in action.

Built for those of us always on the go, Ferris makes life a little bit easier by improving the things you carry and how you store them.

Streamline your routine. Walk out the door with lighter pockets, and leave the rest neatly organized on the Ferris ModStation– a modern catch-all for your most common out-the-door items.

Ferris lets your wallet and keychain adapt to what you need to carry– eliminating clutter and increasing peace of mind.

Ferris is all about customization– there’s no longer a need to carry different solutions. Instead, make what you carry work for you.

Ferris KeyLoop

Carry up to 6 keys + included FobRing holds your car fob, tracker, etc.

Scale up or down. Carry only what you need– no more, no less, and no tools required!

Ferris KeyFolio

Carry up to 10 keys + included FobRing holds your car fob, tracker, etc.

Ferris ModWallet

Comes with one CardSleeve to carry up to 12 cards, and a MoneyClip for your cash. Also carries add-ons like additional CardSleeves, KeyMods, USB and MultiTool.

Grab a cover that suits your style and accommodates your carry, or pick a combination that adapts to meet your specific needs from day to day (this is the ideal solution for those of you who have multiple sets of keys, but you don’t need to have them all on you all the time).

The Ferris ModStation

It all comes together with the Ferris ModStation: A sleek and modern catch-all that gives everything a proper place. Cutting visual clutter not only saves your sanity, it helps you stay organized, reduces the likelihood of lost items, and makes your out-the-door routine much quicker and easier.

Ferris ModStation is so much more than a mail-catch. They call it a “catch-all” because the slim tray is designed to accommodate your phone, a Kindle, a notebook, and anything similar. ModStation will even hold onto your phone’s charging cable so it’s always there when you need it– instead of falling behind your desk or getting lost entirely.

ModStation is made with steel, and features a smooth powder-coat finish. Easy to mount where you need it, all ModStations include a set of screws as well as a panel of 3M removable adhesive that’s also magnetic (so you can mount ModStation to any magnetic surface, like a fridge or steel door).

KeyMods shown with USB, FobRing, MultiTool, MoneyClip and a ModWallet cover.

KeyMods Powered by MagLock

Ferris leather goods work with KeyMods– the heart of the Ferris family. They are made with neodymium magnets and Cordura, a nylon well-known for its durability and abrasion resistance. Behind these small mechanisms are years of development and testing to achieve a connection that is:

– SECURE: In your pocket, your bag, dropped on the ground, taking a tumble down the stairs… Your keys will remain securely snapped together.
– FLEXIBLE: Magnets join together quickly and easily. They rotate smoothly for key access without removal, and allow for sharing without the need for a tool.

The KeyMods work like double-sided magnetic snaps: Nesting magnets with a male/female construction make a magnet-to-magnet connection that’s incredibly strong and allows for rotation. This new MagLock works differently than our MagLock Sunglasses, redesigned and optimized for keys to snap together and rotate.

Click Here to Buy Now: $34 $49 (30% off) for the Ferris KeyLoop