This Jeep SUV concept looks like nothing I’ve seen before!

With the demeanor of a more aggressive brand like Lamborghini (the Urus, specifically), the Jeep Ayastigi Trackhawk Coupe concept aims at giving the Jeep aesthetic a revival. The dual-colored setup, says designer Dejan Hristov, is reminiscent of Cherokee warrior armor, with the two colors symbolizing the color of the armor versus the color of the skin. (The name Ayastigi means Soldier in Cherokee too)

The Ayastigi is a big-class SUV Coupe, says Hristov, comparable to models like Lamborghini Urus or the Porsche Cayenne Coupe, and follows an aesthetic that would best be described as ‘in line with the Trackhawk or Cherokee’. It could exist with both electric and hybrid variants, although Hristov believes the best engine for the job is the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk’s petrol engine (707 hp, 6.2L SRT HEMI V8 Supercharged).

The car is designed to be sufficiently advanced, ditching the rear-view mirrors for cameras, visible as tiny fins on the base of the A pillar and the top of the B pillar, which almost give the Ayastigi a devilish demeanor, with tiny horns on its head. The Ayastigi also ditches the rear windshield and adds a pop-up cover which helps in providing the active downforce the car needs. The front bumper also opens up (with its lower half descending when needed) providing the aerodynamics needed for road-driving, and returns to its closed position for better off-road travel. Sufficiently advanced and audacious even for the Fiat Chrysler-owned American brand, the Ayastigi is a reimagined direction for Jeep, giving it the power, aggression, and the attitude it deserves!

Designer: Dejan Hristov

The Jeep Trackhawk Coupe is a conceptual piece of work and is in no way affiliated with the Jeep brand.

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