Shower Power

Showering is supposed to be a catharsis of the day and of our daily environmental exposure. The last thing we should be dirtying up is our conscience with wasteful habits like using up way too much life-giving water. The “Sshower” for Roca was conceived by designer Marco Antonio Esquiró San Román for that very reason. With built in sensors that can automatically detect when you are actually under the shower head, this shower will turn of the stream and replace it with steam until you are ready to rinse off. But wait, there is more! While you are being a good and clean Earthling, you can also be informed as to the day’s weather, stock prices, how much water you are using and even what song is up next for your foam party for one. Of course its Bluetooth and Wifi ready, but then again…what isn’t these days?

Designer: Marco Antonio Esquiró San Román