Shower Power

Showering is supposed to be a catharsis of the day and of our daily environmental exposure. The last thing we should be dirtying up is our conscience with wasteful habits like using up way too much life-giving water. The “Sshower” for Roca was conceived by designer Marco Antonio Esquiró San Román for that very reason. With built in sensors that can automatically detect when you are actually under the shower head, this shower will turn of the stream and replace it with steam until you are ready to rinse off. But wait, there is more! While you are being a good and clean Earthling, you can also be informed as to the day’s weather, stock prices, how much water you are using and even what song is up next for your foam party for one. Of course its Bluetooth and Wifi ready, but then again…what isn’t these days?

Designer: Marco Antonio Esquiró San Román


  • Hunter says:

    How does it drain?

  • Reboots DaMachina says:

    @Hunter – it says it has a power bomb! Sweet!

  • Adam says:

    Hi Guys!
    Nice that you have a shower that automatically switches off when the user isnt directly under it.

    However, you arent encouraging the right behaviour-(and thats the biggest effect we deisgners can have on reducing environmental impact) by including a media sceen there, and prolonging shower times!

    Address peoples behaviour first!

  • Nate says:

    Nice job that you are bringing solutions into one piece.
    And I do suggest some idea for your better presentation; putting letter out side of image or using contrary color to the image will make audience easier to read. putting a margin around the slide will make it look even better.

  • antonio says:


  • IGH says:

    Great job! You could show on screen the amount of water you had spend in your shower too.

    This would be a interesting Marketing proyect.

  • Tom says:

    A tv in the shower? ha… The steam and condensation from the shower would be impossible to see the screen!

  • MJE says:

    I love this shower, I want it!

  • Corobian says:

    That is beautiful. I bet it costs a fortune though. Someday…

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  • Hunter says:

    Remind me again how this relates to new shower designs?

  • Salad says:

    Phew, I’m really relieved to hear it’s not steam they are showering you in but vapor.
    Remember, steam is the thing water turns into at app. 100° C. The thing that BURNS your skin.

  • Latosha says:

    studied the articles on this site lots, hoping to take the plunge very soon and buy a steam
    shower cabin, most likely immediately following the holiday season

  • Alfredoo says:

  • Valentina says:

    can you buy it and installed yet? if yes who I can contact.

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