A Google assisted 4K window display that transports you to any destination of your choice!

“Our window is a magic frame, with pictures never twice the same” – Eleanor Hammond.

Before televisions crept into our lives, windows were where we consumed content. Whether it was the classroom window, where you’d stare out to see the kids playing on the grounds, or a window at home where you’d sit every morning having your cup of tea or coffee, or even the window through which you’d peek at your neighbors fighting, laughing, or having a party. The window has always been a magical portal, allowing us to look at people, animals, trees, birds, sunrises and sunsets, and the occasional rain-showers and snowstorms.

That window now overlooks a concrete jungle, and nobody looks out of it anymore. The scenery has been replaced by the gray and the mundane. Atmoph wants to change that. The Atmoph Window 2 isn’t really a window, but it behaves a lot like one. This smart high-definition display is capable of quite a few things, including playing from a library of a 1000 videos of sceneries that you’ll love. The View Store at Atmoph Window 2 consists 4K footage from Earth, seen from ISS to Amazonian rainforests to Parisian lanes, and from Hawaiian beaches to a view of the snowy peak of Mount Fuji, and its display with vividly accurate colors literally transports you to wherever you want… so no matter where you live, you can always have a view of the Eiffel Tower, or of the whitewashed neighborhoods of Santorini, Greece.

All of Atmoph’s videos are filmed using a 4K camera and a hi-end microphone, so its library of audiovisuals are completely the real deal. The Window packs a vibration speaker that allows the entire display to pump out audio. Atmoph even goes the distance and packs facial-tracking into its visuals, so the scenery shifts as your head shifts around the room, accounting for even parallax. The facial-tracking is courtesy a camera that also works as an indoor camera when you’re away, or when you want to keep an eye on your pets.

The Atmoph Window 2 is the perfect example of a product that’s absolutely unique, even though it uses technology and hardware we’re so familiar with. The scene-shifting smart-window also displays the time, weather, as well as your calendar tasks, keeping you in touch with reality as you stare for hours into the Finnish Laplands, and even comes with Google Home compatibility, allowing you to execute simple voice tasks like “Hey Google, show me Hawaii and play some Hawaiian music”. Not happy with just one Atmoph Window? You can pair as many as THREE Windows side by side to display the same image in continuity (even accounting for the space between individual frames).

The idea behind the Atmoph Window 2 is so simple, pure, and well-executed, it wins my heart. Giving you the ability to transform your interiors with a simple touch of a button or a voice command, the Atmoph Window 2 is a great way to escape the boring concrete life and live in the place of your choosing… perhaps your last holiday spot, or your hometown that you fondly miss, or a suitable scene to match the cuisine you’re eating (extremely effective on date nights, I’d assume). Oh, and if the library is missing something? You can directly beam videos of your own to the Window 2 too!

Designer: Ryota Yokozeki

Click Here to Buy Now: $299 $399 (25% off).

What is Atmoph Window 2?

Atmoph Window 2 is a smart display in the shape of a window, from which you can see scenes from around the world. With over a thousand videos of beautiful scenery from around the world, complete with audio, you’ll feel as if you’re actually there.

Featuring Over 1,000 Original 4K Videos

Enjoy scenes from around the world in 4K ultra-high resolution. Together with true-to-life sound, you will feel like you are really there. Each looped video lasts around 15 minutes, and only costs about 5 dollars (ten fixed views are installed initially). Every month their dedicated videographers shoot new scenes, so the choice only gets bigger.

Upload your Own Video

Not only can you relive that unforgettable time, but you can share it with your friends and family. A nostalgic place, or that once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Join 3 Windows Together in a Panorama

Join three Atmoph Windows together to make a synced Panorama. A fish can swim along from left to right, a boat can take off from the port from one side, and head out to see on the other.

Live Streaming

See what’s going on in the world in real time. They plan on increasing the number of camera spots, so you can enjoy the ‘now’ from locations across the world.

Change your Frame

You can choose from high quality resin frames in five different colors, or a supreme quality timber frame that has been made to bring out the inherent warmth of genuine wood. This wooden frame has been custom made by Japan’s premier long-standing traditional wood furniture maker, Karimoku.

Maximizing the Potential of Everything a Window Could Be

Atmoph Window 2 has all the best qualities of a real window, with all the excitement of a smart window. By including various additional modules such as the Camera Module, Atmoph Window 2 can even do things that normal windows can’t.

Face-View Follow

With the Camera Module option, Atmoph Window 2 can track the position of your face using the camera, so it knows what angle you are looking at your window from. The scenery changes accordingly, making your view look even more real, more three dimensional.

Indoor Camera

With the Camera Module, you can check the inside of your home even when you aren’t there. Want to see how your pet’s doing? Your smart phone can turn into a small window that allows you to glimpse inside your home when you never could, up until now.

LED Light Module

Attach the LED Light Module and it’s just like having that light stream in. Not as bright as the sun, but just enough to help your pot plants grow. How about relieving that stress with an indoor garden?

Link to your Smart Speaker

You can also operate your Atmoph Window 2 through your smart speaker, change the view or adjust the volume. Don’t want to get off the couch? Got your hands fully tied? Just tell your Google Home ‘Hey, Google, change the view to Hawaii’, and the view will transform into a tropical paradise. Brighten your mood in just one moment.

Sound that Goes to the Next Level

An increase in the number of interior speakers from one to two also means you can enjoy more surround sound. Moreover, Atmoph Window 2 is equipped with a vibration speaker, turning the entire screen into a sound experience. From high pitched birds to the thunder of the Niagara Falls, everything sounds truly real.

Listen to your Favorite Music

With Bluetooth or Spotify, you can choose your playlist together with whatever view you like. Enjoy your “me time” to the fullest.

Know your Day at a Glance

It’s your busy morning, and you want to check the time, the weather, the news. Atmoph Window will tell you what you need to know. There is no need to have multiple devices any more. You can check everything, at a glance.

With Google Calendar synchronizing, you can confirm your work and your family’s schedule, and it’s so big and easy to see. Now that’s convenience!

Begin a New Journey

You can book a trip to the other side of the window, any time!

Choose your Operating Method

From the smartphone app, to the remote control and sensor, and even automatic scheduling, there are multiple ways to operate your Atmoph Window 2.

Decoration: Try Them Out

You can even change the inside frame of your window. Adjust it to suit the view, or there are different Decorations to suit the season. Feel like you are at a Halloween party or inside a plane.

Technical Specs:

– 27-inch high-contrast display (1920×1080, anti-glare)
– CPU: 1.9 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A53
– GPU: Mali-G31
– H.265 hardware decoder
– 2GB memory
– 32GB storage
– Wi-Fi: 802.11 ac/b/g/n (5GHz/2.4GHz)
– Bluetooth: 4.0
– 3W full-range speaker x 2 and 10W vibration speaker
– Size: 25.4” x 15.2” x 2.4” (645 x 385 x 60mm)
– Weight: 12.1lbs (5.5kg)
– Power: 60W
– AC adapter: 100-240V (50/60Hz)

Click Here to Buy Now: $299 $399 (25% off).