Bonny Plant Lamp

The Fresh Lamp is a nice way to integrate lamps, plant care and unique décor. This is the digital age, so taking advantage of sensors and technology; the Fresh Lamp provides a safe haven for the plants. It helps you water and manure the plants optimally and the LED lamp works as a great mood setter. Simple and functional, it’s the way the green industry is going these days.

Designer: Chun Jiang Yao


  • pascal says:

    copied von bulbo-lights. they were on the furniture fair milano 13 and presented that allready

  • Nirkala says:

    Nice design, but the yellow spectrum LED does nothing to the plants. Red, blue or magenta color are useful for effective photosynthesis of the live plant.

  • puredesign says:

    Sorry, Fresh-lamp is puredesign 2011 years of design work, and please let me know “von bulbo-lights” design or link? Any similarity is purely coincidental!

  • James says:

    It would be a nice mood setter as stated and look nice next to a settee or on a desk or something, would have to be near a window though depending on the plant as I don’t think the LED lights are going to assist it. I assume there’s a mains lead we’re just not seeing in the renders?

    I have Just looked it up and the idea is not a new one and been done a few times before, just not in this exact style. Research should always be done into current designs and if it has been done before, if so, state as such and say this is a sleek improvement.

    A plant sitting under a lamp is years of design work? Wow.

    Has drainage been a consideration? I can’t see it here.

  • Dave says:

    Looks like there is a built-in dimmer for light.

  • Rajesh says:

    Where can I buy this from?

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