Reissued 1950s Jumbo Lounge Chair Maintains Finnish Design Essence With A Few Contemporary Touches

A comfy, cozy, and cushy lounge chair can make a whole world of difference to your living space. Imagine settling into the comfiest lounge chair there is after an exceedingly long day of work, curling up with your favorite book, or binge-watching your favorite Netflix series. It’s important to have comfortable yet functional seating designs scattered all over our home, and if they also manage to be aesthetically pleasing, well then it’s a match made in heaven. Add good ergonomics to the mix, and they could be able to provide a generous amount of support to our backs and butts. So, if you’re looking for a well-designed lounge chair that will also harmoniously complement the rest of the furniture in your home and interiors, then I may have found the perfect design for you – the Jumbo Lounge Chair.

Designer: Olof Ottelin for Fasetti

The Jumbo Lounge Chair is a distinctive and iconic chair that was designed by Finnish interior architect Olof Ottelin in 1958. The chair was launched as a “backseat chair”, and was named after Ottelin’s eldest son, or more specifically his nickname. The chair was designed to complement open fireplaces, and low terraced brick homes that were quite popular at the time. And the chair is back in trend! Finnish design house Fasetti has reissued the Jumbo Lounge Chair. The authentic essence of the chair has been maintained, and the designer’s choice of materials and colors has been respected. However, a few interesting contemporary touches have been made, to give the chair a modern appeal. The height of the seat has been raised, although the original proportions of the chair have been untouched. The redwood was exchanged for native birch.

“Olof Ottelin’s design combines many aspects that we value, like an understanding of carpentry and refined detailing and functionality,” said Fasetti craftsman, Esa Niiranen. “The addition of Jumbo to the new production is a logical extension of our series of domestic design treasures ranging from the 1940s to the 1970s.” Curved wooden sections that subtly lead to the legs make up the body of the Jumbo Lounge Chair. Pine was selected by the Fasetti craftsmen for the wood-toned variant, which pays tribute to Ottelin’s furniture pine collection, and love for traditional yet leisurely home furnishings.

The Jumbo Lounge Chair is currently available in options of – natural pine, opaque red, dove gray, or charcoal black. While the upholstery options include Makalu, a cushy Lauritzon’s teddy fabric in pine, Hallingdal, a Kvadrat classic wool fabric in red, and Coda, a three-dimensional, two-tone woven fabric by Kvadrat in gray and black. Armrests are available in vegetable-tanned and undyed Sörensen leather options.