What does Infocuum Vacuum cleaner have that Dyson doesn’t

Got you thinking, didn’t I? The answer is simple – eyes! No more shoving the crumbs under the carpet, because the Infocuum Vacuum has a camera mounted on the cleaning nozzle and a display near the controls, allowing you to see the garbage piled up under the sofa, carpets and other hard-to-see places. The wide-angle video camera is attached to the head and beams up the video in realtime, allowing you a clear view of that kind of trash that’s been accumulating, thus helping you to clean better.

For people like me, I guess it will make me self-aware, and pick up the popcorn when it spills on the floor and hides behind the sofa and not wait for vacuuming day!

Designers: Subin Song, Donghwan Song, Hyunji Kang & Yoongyeong Ha