Not sure how I feel about this Airpods case that’s also a smartwatch.

A concept’s biggest objective is to open the mind to possibilities. To spark the imagination. So while I don’t know what to feel about this AirWatch concept, I can only imagine its immense potential. Here’s what Jiae Jung is proposing.

Rather than storing your Airpods case in your pants, and rather than having a floss-box shaped case that doesn’t do much, Jung’s revisited the entire product altogether. The new Airpods case houses a screen (a pretty small one), and has the ability to snap to a smartwatch. When it does, the Airpods case BECOMES the smartwatch, mirroring contents onto its own screen.

The smartwatch sitting under the Airpods case comes with its own b/w screen that shows the time and date, and becomes a true smartwatch only when you mount the Airpods case onto it. When mounted, you can read messages, track your fitness, and obviously listen to the music. The band around your wrist not only transforms your Airpods case into something slightly more meaningful, but also gives you a proper place to put it, rather than in your pockets. There’s a long way to go before something like this is even considered practical, or feasible, but the idea of providing a product with a secondary purpose seems like quite a good one!

Designer: Jiae Connie Jung