This coffee machine is for addicts like me

If you require a coffee to kick-start your day, then this product is the one for you! With a form that’s soft, inviting, and has a certain Italian-design-friendliness to it, Tap and Drop aims to revolutionize how we start our days, making efficiency and simplicity the key features.

The satisfyingly smooth curves used for the top of the device guide the coffee beans into the machine, eliminating the possibility of the beans from getting stuck, and making the filling process far smoother. Although, you may not have long to admire the elegant design as the coffee-making process can begin before you are even downstairs; an equally as beautiful mobile application allows for the selection of the desired drink from anywhere, and an array of parameters are available so you can ‘make’ the perfect drink! But don’t worry, Tap and Drop will only follow through with the coffee-making process if an empty cup is position correctly… so you won’t come downstairs to be greeted with a steaming mess!

Designers: Jeonghyun Ahn, Donghong Seo & Jo Gwanghee