The Air Purifier Got a Redesign!

The Air Column isn’t ‘just another’ air purifier, it uses its carefully considered design and unique form to stray away from the mechanical vibe that conventional purifiers may carry. It flaunts a rather minimal and simplistic design, and it’s this that makes it so eye-catching! Long, vertical vents are present on the façade, these elongate the design and emphasize the height. Rounded-off corners paired with a matte finish soften the design and move it away from the machines that we are used to seeing.

The functionality of the device hasn’t been overlooked; the air purifying filters have been designed with ease-of-use firmly in mind! The unit that holds the filters can simply and easily be removed vertically from the top of the unit… making the replacement process a breeze! This is certainly a welcomed re-design of a conventionally mundane device.

Designer: found/Founded Studio