A Modern Reinterpretation of a Traditional Product

A traditional method of heating a home was by using a Brazier, however, these charcoal-burning devices are both impractical and unsafe for use within the modern home due to the release of smoke and ashes. The Home Warmer is a modern reinterpretation of the Brazier, which warms the room whilst simultaneously retaining the social-element that is so iconic with the traditional Brazier.

This beautiful electric heater has a welcoming aesthetic, that has been created through the introduction of soft-touch, flame retardant fabric that covers a rounded form. Not only does this generate a distinctive look, but it also ensures that the device complements the existing furniture within the room.

Intuitive and straight-forward controls have been paired with a simple interface, which are both present on the top of the device; this leads to hassle-free and quick operation. Large, leather handles positioned on either side of the device invite the user to pick it up and move it to a place where both communication and room-temperature are at a low!

Designer: Ji Seung Kim

LED indicating the strength of the heat.