The Life Knight brings the hospital to the injured


Think about it. When you deploy an ambulance, you’re essentially making two trips. One, to the patient, and the second, to the hospital after collecting the patient. This 2x journey is often the difference between life and death, and a problem that the Life Knight wants to solve.

Designed to be deployed in areas with no access to medical care, i.e., disaster-struck zones or medically underdeveloped areas, the Life Knight is a moving hospital that reaches its destination and opens up into a full-fledged emergency room that can cater to more than one patient. Its body can be expanded—an inner crane structure extends outwards to create a makeshift hospital with 26 wards and an operating room fully equipped to meet the basic needs for treating mild to moderate injuries. Instead of driving patients to the hospital and wasting crucial time, the Life Knight brings the facilities of the hospital directly to its patients, halving the treatment time, and saving a lot of lives.

The Life Knight is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2018.

Designers: Prof. Baojun Li, Prof. Mingliang Song & Zhifei Tian