Parametrically designed ‘Generico Chair’ takes on your weight with half the volume


Designed using generative algorithms, the Generico Chair by Marco Hemmerling and Ulrich Nether fall under the domain of computational or parametric design, i.e., the use of computational algorithms in the design process. The generative design process allows the software to add its expertise by achieving a design that fulfills certain parameters. In this case, the chair retains its strength and also comes with a flexible backrest, but with a volume that’s drastically cut down, and that uses less material, thanks to its voronoi-esque design.

The Generico Chair not only cuts down on volume, but it also maintains a certain level of ergonomic design so the chair is comfortable to sit on. The chair is then 3D printed, given that the generative design comes with its share of manufacturing constraints. It, however, retains a beautiful, skeletal charm that’s brought about by the unique combination of creativity and the software-aided form design.

Designers: Marco Hemmerling and Ulrich Nether.