Spigen’s Classic C1 case for the iPhone is a delightful tech throwback!


The iMac G3, in its translucent, colorful, flavorful glory is considered to be the starting point of Apple’s aesthetic dominance in the tech industry, and also the product that sealed Jonathan Ive’s reputation as a designer to be reckoned with. Available in thirteen different ‘flavors’, the iMac G3 looked absolutely stunning, offering a candylike color scheme and a translucent housing that let you peer into the ‘mind of the computer’.

Spigen’s Classic C1 pays tribute to that glorious phase in Apple’s timeline, with its three-part case for the iPhone X that mimics the technology-meets-translucent glory of the iMac. Available in seven of the thirteen colors (Spigen’s stayed true to the colors too), the case sits in three parts around the iPhone. The inner cover gives the case its skeletal design, with the circuit-board design and the cutout near the Apple logo (flip it over and it even has the ‘hello (again)’ text that was displayed in the iMac G3 advertisements). The two outer cases mount on the inner case, giving your iPhone the dual-colored appearance that the iMac was famous for. The inner and outer layers of the case not only help stay true to the iMac aesthetic, but they also add to the security, absorbing impact and preventing the iPhone from any sort of damage. Plus, Spigen also built the cases to be thick enough to protect the phone, but thin enough to let the phone be charged wirelessly with the case on. Pretty adorable, I’d say. I have my eyes on the iconic Bondi Blue.

Designer: Spigen

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