These Carbon-fiber Spectacles are Unbreakable and Unshakeable

As a person who’s worn prescription glasses since I was 6 years old, I can safely say that it’s an absolute pain in my rear to A. wear sunglasses, B. wear protective eyewear like goggles or masks, and C. wear VR headsets. Prescription eyewear can be somewhat of a hindrance, often coming in the way of goggles or headsets (I couldn’t try on half the headsets I saw at CES), and this is slowly becoming a disability problem, given that roughly 60% of the world has less than 20/20 vision.

The glasses that Nuke Optics are building are pretty neat for a lot of reasons, but the biggest one being the fact that they allow prescription eyewear to be retrofitted directly onto their frames. Allowing anyone to wear sunglasses or performance eyewear without having to worry about prescription lenses, these frames by Nuke Optics have snap-on fittings on the back, letting you fasten your own lenses to the eyewear.

The frames model themselves on protective, performance eyewear. They use a carbon-fiber composite for their construction, making them virtually indestructible, a property that goes well with their incredibly edgy and devil-may-care aesthetic. The frames are modular too, allowing you to swap between temple-stem of different designs, giving you the power to not just add prescription lenses to a pair of performance eyewear, but also customize them by choosing from a wide variety of temple-stems to build your custom pair of spectacles.

The Carbon Fiber Composite frames come across three styles (with three more designs to be launched as funding goals are crossed). With their sporty attitude and reflective mercurial glares, the glasses are well suited for outdoor riding and sports… while the carbon-fiber composite construction promises a lifetime of use even under the most demanding conditions. Besides, let’s not forget that they’re compatible with prescription lenses too, which is a massive win for all of us!

Designer: M. Samy

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The Carbon Fiber Composite frames allow prescription eyewear to be fitted directly onto the frames.


The frames offer protection and are high on performance. Made from carbon-fiber composite, the frames are virtually indestructible.


A single modular system for sunglasses and eyeglasses, that are interchangeable and RX Prescription friendly.

Secure your prescription glasses onto the frames and enjoy the benefits of wearing sunglasses.


The snap-on fittings on the back allow you to fasten your own lenses to the eyewear.

The frames are modular, giving you the flexibility to swap between temple-stem of different designs. You can customize the stems as per your liking.


A variety of options to be unlocked!



Click Here To Buy Now: $58. Hurry, only few left!