I could get used to these self-lacing Nike sneakers!


Aside from the convenience brought about by technological advancements, Nike’s HyperAdapt self-lacing shoes aren’t… different. They look exactly like any other regular sneakers, and sort of hide the fact that there’s an incredible amount of innovation in them.

Carota Design’s Nike self-lacing sneaker concepts literally look like they’re from the future. With hard-shell components and gloss/matte finish contrasts, they don’t look or feel like traditional shoes at all, aside from the familiar silhouette, which definitely is a good thing. Designed to highlight the futuristic aspect of shoes that secure themselves, the conceptual sneakers come with a red lace that stands well against the black sneakers. The laces travel from the outsole to the front, and then to the heel, where they connect to a motor that’s triggered by a button. Tap against the button and the motor tightens the laces up, securing the shoe in place. Tap a second time and the laces loosen, allowing you to slip your shoe out! A textbook ‘shut up and take my money’ product!

Designer: Carota Design