A Rollable Desk for The Ever-Changing Workplace!


Whilst at first it may be thought that a table within the workplace is a relatively permanent fixture, the ever-changing demands and increase in popularity of flexible workspaces as seen a desk’s location needing to be far more fluid.

The TEMP table is exactly what its name would suggest, temporary. Its high form elevates the table top making it ideal for a standing desk, whilst its clever construction means that it can be removed from the workplace in no time; a cleverly thought-out locking mechanism ensures for a sturdy desk, but when necessary, the top pivots to rest parallel with the stand. A large void in the body makes carrying the table easier, as do the contrasting wheels in the lower corner.

Despite TEMP’s form being unique and bold, it does not dominate the workplace, but rather compliments its surroundings and fits in perfectly.

Designer: Gerhardt Kellermann for Gump