Biomimicry meets drone-design


Engineering dictates that the easiest and most obvious layout for drone propellers is in a square format with four propellers. Nature, however, sticks to the basic layout of two wings across all its flying creatures. From birds to insects to the occasional reptile and mammal, nature’s always bestowed a bilaterally symmetric, dual wing setup… so Carota’s drone puts faith in that setup that’s developed over millions of years of evolution. Carota’s Hornet drone sports two propellers on either side and a movable arm at the base which houses a camera module as well as a gimbal. The movable arm along with the dual-propeller layout give it the appearance of a hornet with its wings and positionable stinger. While conceptual, the Hornet drone does make one think whether four propellers are entirely necessary. Yes, they make lift-off easier, but it isn’t impossible to have a drone with two powerful propellers giving you vertical takeoff and landing. The propellers as well as the camera come with foldable arms, allowing the drone to be folded down to a compact package when not in use. I say this looks much more convenient! After all, nature can’t be entirely wrong, can it?!

Designer: Carota Design